Billy was born in Port Jervis, NY, and spent the latter part of his youth growing up in Scranton. PA., where he first got involved playing music in rock bands, and working as a solist in the country genre. As a young man, he moved to Wheeling, W.VA, where several times he appeared on the Midnight Jambourie.

As his family grew, Billy spent most of his time working to support, and care for them. Later he would move back to Scranton, where he once again reentered the music scene, playing clubs, and VFW's, with his own style of entertainment.

After his first marriage fell apart, he moved to Nashville, TN., where he pursued a life long dream of being a song writer. He had his first cut by an artist within the first 6 months of being there, and was invited to the Denny Music Publishing House the first three weeks he was in town. Denny Music published the one song he had recorded by Trey Young. He worked most of the popular Honkey Tonk's downtown, and on Lower Broad, for the first two years he was there. He may not have been a known song writer at that time, but he was renowned for his smooth voice, great entertainment, and a knowledge of country music's classic tunes few others were able to recall or sing.

He has been referred to as "The Voice of Traditional Country Music", as well as, "The Traditional Country Music Jukebox", by many of Nashville's own. His music has appeared on the top 20 charts of country's throughout the world, as well as the E.C.M.A.'s top 40 charts, and Joyce Ramgatie's world wide top 100 chart.

Though he continues to sing and entertain from time to time, he now spends most of his time writing his own songs, and promoting them world wide. His name is synanamous with Traditional country music throughout the world. Today he is an International Recording Artist, as well as an established songwriter, known for his strong traditional country lyrics, and original country sound.